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Caring For Your Teacup Puppy

In addition to the Caring for your puppy page, this page will give you an idea of what to expect with a Teacup and Tiny toy puppy. Always care for these little puppies as you would a new born baby. All they need for the first few months is food, water, rest and love.

1. Make sure you have the time needed to take care of your new baby. Never leave them alone and unattended for extended lengths of time, until your baby has adjusted to their new home. If you do, this can cause anxiety and stress, which can led to a full blown case of Coccidia.

2. Prepare an area for your baby that he or she can call their own. Purchasing an exercise pen is the easiest way to do this. In the pen put a comfortable bed and a baby blanket, so your puppy can stay nice and warm. You can also put a toy in the pen with him or her, but make sure that they can not chew off anything from the toy and swallow it, that can be very harmful to your new baby. 

3. Inside of the pen you will always need to keep fresh food and clean filtered water for your new baby. Never take the food or water away from your puppy for the first few weeks to a month. And for the first week, make sure they are eating a lot. If your puppy is not eating, you must find something that your puppy will want to eat. You can start by wetting down your puppies food with warm water or mixing the dry food with wet canned dog food. You can use Cesar Puppy or AD Science Diet canned food. If that is not making your puppy interested in eating feed your puppy cooked chicken pieces, rice, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, chicken broth, evaporated milk or goats milk. If your puppy still does not want any of the food offered, give your puppy Nutrical or Karo Syrup.

4. You can purchase Nutrical at Petsmart, Petco or a pet store. Nutrical is a sugar based paste that is enriched with vitamins. When you first bring your new puppy home Nutrical is a must!!! You will need to give your puppy Nutrical around the clock to make sure that they are getting the sugar that your puppy needs in their body to prevent Hypoglycemia.

5. Hypoglycemia is a drop in your puppys blood sugar. Signs of hypoglycemia can be any and all of these: loss of appetite to the point that your puppy is lethargic, limp, drooling from the mouth, stumbling, trembling and in the worst case having seizures. You must rub the Nutrical or Karo Syrup on your puppy's gums and feed your puppy Nutrical or Karo Syrup through their mouth. If your puppy does not show signs that he or she is getting better within 5-10 minutes call your veterinarian immediately. This could mean life or death for your new puppy. If you were keeping up with making sure your puppy is eating and giving your puppy the Nutrical, your puppy should never end up like this. These puppies are not anything like a golden retriever or labrador. They are very picky eaters and you must make sure that they are eating, not just assume they are. 

6. Make sure you let your new baby get lots of rest! Only play with your puppy for 10 -15 minutes at a time. Then put your puppy back in his or her pen so they can eat food, get a drink of water and rest. Handling your puppy to much when you first get them will make him or her stressed and can cause Hypoglycemia or Coccidia or both!!

7. Traveling with your new puppy is never a good idea. PLEASE get your puppy to their new home immediately and get them situated and in their comfy bed with plenty of food and water for your puppy. Once your puppy is comfortable in their new home you can travel with your new puppy, but take precaution and ALWAYS have Nutrical or Karo Syrup on hand. Traveling is anything from taking your new puppy to the mall or across the country. 

8. Please seriously consider the choice of getting a teacup or tiny toy puppy. And if you do decide on getting a teacup or tiny toy puppy please be patient with waiting longer to get your new puppy. I will usually keep them longer then 6 - 8 weeks, which is when most puppies are ready to go to their new homes.

9. After the first few months all the time you put into your new puppy will be worth it! You will have your little companion that you were looking for and he or she will trust and love you forever, for giving him or her a happy and healthy life. 

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