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This page will help you prepare for your new puppy!

What to purchase before your puppy comes home:

Play Pen - We recommend purchasing a play pen for your new puppy. The play pen just has to be big enough to put their bedding, toys, food, water, baby blanket and puppy pad/newspaper in it. 3x3 is the smallest we recommend. 

The picture to the right is one kind of play pen that would work for your new puppy.  You can click on the picture to purchase a play pen like this one. Almost every kind of puppy play pen is fine. Just make sure the space in between the slots are small enough that your puppy can not get through it. 

Since we do NOT crate train, please get your puppy used to their crate if that is the way you want to train them. It will take about 2 weeks for them to adjust to the crate style training. Keep in mind if you are going to crate train, get a play pen that is big enough to fit the crate into it, so your puppy can get used to it. 

You can also baby gate off a small utility room or a bathroom. Please make sure the room is safe and they can't get into anything.

Comfortable Bedding We recommend getting two beds just in case of a potty accident. By getting two beds you will have a clean bed for your puppy, while the other one is getting cleaned. We provide you with a baby blanket that has our scent, your puppy's litter mates and their mommy's scent on it too. This blanket helps your puppy adjust to their new home. 

The picture to the left is the kind of bedding that we use. You can click on the picture to the left to purchase bedding just like this one. 

Puppy Pads/Newspaper or Litter?

First, decide which way you would like to train. Our puppies are already trained to use newspaper and use a doggy door and go to the bathroom on concrete 100%. So, it really is your decision if you would like to keep with the puppy pad/newspaper training or start the litter training. 

Everytime your puppy wakes up, eats or drinks they will need to use the bathroom within 5 -15minutes.

Eventually, you can start training your puppy to go to the bathroom outside every time, but while they are still a puppy and can't hold their bladder for very long and they will need a way to go to the bathroom while they are inside that is a preferred method. Otherwise, they will just start going anywhere and everywhere. Once they start going to the bathroom all over it is hard to break them of this bad behavior. 

The pictures to the right are brands of puppy pads and litter that we recommend using. You can click on the pictures to purchase either the puppy pads or the litter.

Food - We feed Taste of the Wild Puppy. We feed this food because it is grain-free and a high quality food.  

If you will be switching your puppies dog food, please make sure to do it gradually by mixing a little of the new food with the Taste of the Wild for about a week until they are eating just the new dog food. They can get diarrhea or get constipated if you switch their food to fast on them. The main concern is that they like the food they are eating. If they do not like the new food you have purchased, do not make them eat because chances are they will not eat it and then they might sugar out on you. So, keep an eye on them if you are switching food and make sure they are actually eating the new food. Other high quality dog foods are Blue Buffalo, Wellness or Orijen.

We will give you a little bag of the Taste of the Wild Puppy when you pick your puppy up. You can click on the picture to the left to purchase some of the dog food that we feed. You can also purchase this food at Tractor Supply. PetCo and PetSmart does NOT carry this food.  

TreatsWe recommend these two brands of treats, Wellness Just For Puppy Treats or Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Wild Bites Treats: Chicken. You can give them little pieces of each treat. The puppies are used to hearing "Want a treat?" when they are about to get a treat. 

Click on the pictures to find where to purchase some of the treats we recommend. 

Dental Chews/Brushing Teeth We recommend you get your puppy used to you brushing their teeth at least once a week. The more you brush their teeth the easier it will get. Brushing their teeth prevents them from needing to get a dental done at the Vet Office that can cost anywhere from $100 - $300 depending on your Vet. 

On top of brushing their teeth you can get some dental chews for them. Blue Buffalo Blue Bones and Greenies are both good brands of dental chews.  

You can also get a Fresh N' Floss chew rope. This rope helps clean your puppies gums and freshen their breath. 

Click on the pictures to the left and below to find where to purchase what we recommended. 

Food and Water BowlsPlease make sure you purchase food and water bowls that are NOT connected. Purchase bowls that are separate from each other. When the bowls are connected, the puppies love to splash the water or dig in the food and everything gets a little messy. When the bowls are separated from each other they tend not to make a big mess. Any kind of bowl will be fine. Make sure at least once a week you wash/clean their food and water bowls. 

Harness and/or Collar and a LeashWe recommend using a harness and leash. We recommend using a harness on small breed dogs because they can easily slip out of a collar and a harness prevents them from getting choked as bad. Any collar and/ or harness and leash will be fine. Just make sure to get your puppy used to walking on a leash at a young age so that you do not have to worry about it when you need them to behave when they are older while being on a leash, like when you are going to the Vet's or the pet store.  

Toys and Teething chews/toysThe more toys the better!!! Get all types and all sizes. Keep one half of them up and the other half your puppy can play with. Clean your puppies toys every two to four weeks. When you are cleaning the dirty toys this is a good time to rotate the toys and give them their clean toys. Also, make sure to get toys that are for teething. A few good brands of teething toys are called, Kong, Nylabone and PetstagesMake sure to always purchase toys that are safe for your puppies."Safe toys" mean that they do not have any buttons, zippers, hard eyeballs, beads or anything that could be easily chewed off and swallowed. You do not want to worry about your puppy swallowing any of those pieces off of a toy that could potentially kill them or cost you a lot of money at the vets if it needs to be surgically removed. 

Heartbeat Pillow and/or Puppy Cuddle PalThe Heartbeat Pillow simulates a heartbeat that lasts for 5 minutes which makes them feel like they have a buddy with them and calms them down.

The Puppy Cuddle Pal has a microwavable buckwheat packet in it that soothes your puppy by being warm and cuddly. It stays warm for about 45 minutes. 

You can click on the pictures to the left to purchase one of these calming/soothing aids for your puppy. 

BathingOnce you get your puppy you can wash them once a week or as needed. We wash our puppies in Ikaria Brand Shampoo. The scents we use are Comfort, Refresh and Enlighten. You can also use Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo. 

If your puppy is white or cream you will want to use a whitening shampoo. You can purchase Hartz Whitening Shampoo from Wal-Mart. This is the ONLY Hartz Brand product we recommend.

You can blow dry your puppy. Please make sure to turn the heat down so you do not accidently burn them. 

Click on the pictures to the right to find where you can purchase what we recommended. 

BrushYou will need to brush your puppy once a week or more depending on the breed of your puppy. Make sure you get a STEEL TINE/SLICKER brush and not a soft bristle brush. The steel tine brushes will be able to get the tangles out of your puppies hair. Make sure to brush by your puppy's behind, their belly, under their chin, behind their ears and their legs these places will mat up quickly if you don't brush them often. 

Click on the picture to the left to find where to purchase a brush like this one. 

Vitamins and/or Nutri-CalYou can give your puppy some Nurti-Cal or Vitamins. The Teacup size is the only size that we recommend using Nutri-Cal. The Tiny Toy and Toy sizes really do not need Nutri-Cal. The Tiny Toy and Toy sizes can get some vitamins. The brand of Vitamins that we use is called Pet Tabs. 

Give 1/4 Tablet of Pet Tabs daily.

Please click on the pictures to the right to find where you can purchase what we have recommended.

Before you pick up your puppy, make an area for your new puppy that they will feel safe in.

Put their bed, toys, bowls, newspaper/puppy pads and baby blanket. (We provide you with a baby blanket that has their litter's, mother's and our scent on it)  
Below are pictures of what they are used to.

They have access to their separate food and water bowls 24/7. This means free feeding. Do it! We encourage it for at least the first 3-4 weeks when you get your baby. Then you can start a feeding schedule. Before they learn to use the doggy door 100% - they learn to use the newspaper to go potty on. They have their blanket and safe toys in their comfy bed. 

We have painted the inside of our kennel gray. The picture above is an updated picture of the new color of our kennel.

If you are able to set up an area like this in your home your new puppy will adjust so much faster. Also they will keep up with their already awesome potty training process! So less accidents, if any at all! You can use a play pen or gate off a small bathroom or utility room where they can not get themselves into any trouble! 

Things to Remember!

NEVER leave your puppy unattended on any couch, bed, chair or high elevated area. They will fall and they will get hurt. Just do not do it!

When you are done playing with your puppy or you need to leave your house put your puppy back in their area. When they are puppies you do not want to let them have free reign of your house. Wait until they are older and trained better so there are no accidents. 

Now, if you are getting a Teacup/Tiny Toy Puppy please go to our ADDITIONAL PUPPY CARE PAGE! Completely read and understand it. If you have any questions please ask! 

Feel Free to e-mail, call or text. Thanks!


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