Brumfield's Babies

Specializing in Small Breeds

Here are pictures of what your puppy is used to. We do not crate train!

This is what the puppies are used to. They have access to their separate food and water bowls 24/7.  Before they learn to use the doggy door 100% - they learn to use the newspaper to go potty. They have their blanket and safe toys in their comfy bed. (not shown is the doggy door that leads outside to the picture shown below)

This is an outside view of our kennel and what the puppies are used to seeing. Each run is separated by chain link fencing - The puppies can go in and out of the doggy doors whenever they want to. 

This is an inside view of our Kennel. Each pen has a doogy door that leads outside, a heating lamp and laminate flooring. The puppies have their bed, blanket, food and water bowls and toys in each pen. 

Updated picture of the kennel after we painted it grey.