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Brumfield's Babies

Specializing in small breed dogs for 20+ years! 

Shipping Information

First things first - Don't Worry!!! 

Also, feel free to ask us any questions that might not be answered below regarding shipping information. 

We have been shipping with Delta Airlines for over 20 years. They take great care of our babies. We spoil the cargo workers with gifts and donuts for making sure everything goes smoothly and that our babies are safe and sound. We love you, Delta cargo workers in Nashville!! Thank you! 

If you would be needing your puppy shipped, the fee is an additional $300.00.

In some cases the cargo area might be closed when the puppy arrives into your choice airport. If this is the case then the shipping is $400.00. Delta Dash is additional $100. 

I require the total amount, including the price of the puppy and the shipping fee, before the puppy is shipped out. We only ship on Saturdays - NO EXCEPTIONS.

I usually ship with Delta Pets First from Nashville, TN weekly on Saturdays. Every once in a while if we are not able to get the flight out with Delta, we will ship with American Airlines.

Keep in mind that I might not be able to get the puppy into the airport of your choice. If I can not ship to the preferred airport, I will ship to the next closest international airport that will accept the puppy. The puppy will be dropped off at the airport in Nashville, Tn and will arrive at the international airport that has been prearranged with you; the same day usually within an 6 -10 hour period. Meaning the puppy will arrive in the afternoon anywhere between 5pm - 1am. This is not including any delays that might effect the puppies arrival. 

Weather is not always on our side. Keep in mind that in the summer and winter temperatures can get to where it is unacceptable to ship a live animal. When this is the case, we will work around the weather and also with the airports/airlines that have a weather program in effect. We ask that you please be patient with us as we try our best to get your puppies flight situated.

 In rare events, mostly with breeds that are brachycephalic, we will not be able to ship them at all. If this happens we will let you know and we can refund your deposit or if you would like switch your deposit to another breed. 

When booking the flight for your puppy, I will choose the flight which is in the best interest and consideration of the puppy's health. As soon as the flight is booked, I will send you an e-mail with all the flight details and where to pick up your puppy.

I pre-pay for the flight when I arrive at the airport to drop the puppy off. I insure the puppy for the price that you paid for the puppy with the airlines.  I feed and give water to the puppy at the airport before the flight departs.

During your puppies flight, connecting flights and final flight - the airline will make sure that they have water and food in their kennel. And of course, make sure your little fur baby is doing well.

All the paperwork (Registration, Tennessee State Health Certificate, Medical Record, Food and Bows) will be attached to the top of the crate when the puppy arrives. Inside of the crate will be your puppy, newspaper and baby blanket. You get to keep this crate. Most of the breeds will out grow the crate. On a side note, we do not recommend crate training/kenneling. You can read more about this on our puppy care page.

These are the things I will need in order to book the flight: 

Name of the Person, address and phone number that will be picking up the puppy at the airport.

You will have to show identification to pick up the puppy.

I will email all the flight details, reference and/or airway bill number, along with the flight numbers and exactly where you will need to pick up the puppy at the airport once the flight is booked. 

We do not book flights until the Thursday before the Saturday that the puppy will be getting shipped on. 

For the fastest payment for shipping - We accept payments through PayPal/Credit/Debit Card(add 3% paypal fee).

My Paypal account is 

If you would like to send a check, please make sure that it arrives two weeks before your puppy is to be shipped. 

Thank you! 

If you have any questions feel free to email me or call/text,



Thank you,

Tammy Brumfield

* Below are pictures of how we ship your baby. You will get to keep this kennel. *

It contains their medical record sheet, and we do not have a copy of their medical record. CKC registration which also we don't have a copy of.